Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So tired!!!!!!! Tired of patient not understanding your counselling. Yet, I pity them for that. Some of them are just too old to use those devices. Some are just being ignorant. Some lie on the bed motionless. This is the life in ward! I can't open my eyes now!!! And caffeine is not helping!!!! =( I'm just being so sad today! I feel so stupid! I still can't cope with things in ward. Feel so useless. Boo hoo~


Yi Tyeng said...

Anything also takes time one. It's only your 3rd day in ward. Practise makes perfect. I'm sure as time goes by you will learn more and improve on your clinical knowledge. cheer up gal! =)

Dino said...

yea... cheer up gal! you will learn as u go along... =)

LiNg WeNg said...

thanks!!! =)